Who are we?

​At NSMBO, we believe in the growth potential of every brand.

Our story began in 2014 when founder Enes took the leap to start his own clothing line, Embo Clothing, and do his own marketing through his webshop. This success was the beginning of Enes' passion for marketing, and since then, he has used his knowledge and expertise to help other emerging brands and small business owners achieve their goals.

We believe that every brand has the potential to grow, and we are ready to help our clients achieve that with professional digital marketing services. By launching our own brand, Papuchie, in September 2022, we not only want to gain our own experience but also apply our knowledge to clients who have their own webshop/business.

Additionally, we also provide consulting services and help businesses abroad find suitable companies or manufacturers with the necessary qualifications and certifications.

If you are looking for a marketing partner who can support and guide you on your growth path, please contact us to see how we can take your brand to the next level.